Leadership Adventures, Inc. was founded to respond to the challenge of organizations making investments in corporate leadership development through traditional training methods and seeing diminishing results.
Simulation and real world experiences provide greater retention and upon-return impact than traditional training methods. Traditional methods (lecture, video, e-learning) can often create an environment of low participation and lack of retention.

Through the Leadership Adventures methodology, participants ‘leave’ their current job and take on a new one. They learn new skills and roles, challenging themselves and their teams to solve problems, apply their new leadership skills, and develop action plans for success when they return. This accelerated learning is more practical and results in higher retention levels than traditional learning methods, enabling our clients to return to their daily environments with leadership skills to make immediate positive impact.

After your Leadership Adventures experience, you won’t have to worry about where to put a binder full of seminar papers to collect dust on your bookshelf — instead you’ll be ready to immediately apply your new leadership skills to your specific situation, and the leadership concepts you learned will stay with you for life.

Whether you join us for a day, a few days, or a week — as an individual or as an entire team — you will experience what we call ‘upon-return impact’ in your leadership skills.