Leadership Adventures applies a client-centric approach to work with your leadership steering team to determine areas for improvement, identify metrics to gage improvement, develop a tailored learning-through-adventure plan designed to impact the metrics, provide the training, and follow up on results.

Leadership Adventures works with you to understand leadership, organizational, and team dynamic issues within your organization. Through our unique assessment approach, which includes interviews at various levels of the organization as well as key metric analysis and observation, we identify critical themes for leadership improvement. Utilizing our Leadership as an Adventure ModelTM, we determine which elements will provide improvement, then we work with you to develop an action plan.

Leadership as an Adventure ModelTM

Implementation Steps
Leadership Adventures brings our proven implementation steps to ensure successful and sustainable results, including:

  • Assemble leadership development steering team
  • Assess current state and identify or define key metrics
  • Select applicable, targeted leadership elements and adventure type
  • Conduct the leadership adventure and develop action plans for upon-return impact
  • Debrief and follow-up with leadership development steering team

Key Tools
Leadership Adventures provides a variety of key tools to assist in the learning and sustainability, including:

  • Leadership as an Adventure ModelTM
  • Social styles analysis (pre-requisite for some leadership adventures) & Team Mapping techniques
  • Experiential Learning through Adventure and Media
  • Point-of-use job aids for performance support tools
  • Single-point refreshers for attendees and their supervisors, to be used as follow-up after the adventure