The Leadership Adventures Courses depicted in the Leadership as an Adventure Model focus on key leadership enablers which represent both time-tested principles and the latest thinking in becoming an effective leader. Since the adventure of a leadership journey includes the ability to successfully apply those leadership skills to real word situations, each Leadership-focused course in the model has a complementary Adventure-focused course which targets real world application of the leadership skills. The course content includes modules which cover the following:
Focus on Enablers
Focus on Application of the Enablers
Understanding Relationships
Building Relationships

Understand People:

  • Power of Trust
  • Think the best of everyone; look for the good in people
  • Consider relationships important
  • Identify common ground; see situations from others’ perspectives
  • Be authentic about your own struggles (be vulnerable)
  • Seek to identify and serve the most profound (highest priority) needs
  • Make decisions and take actions with followers’ needs in mind
  • Help, teach, support, mentor, coach
  • Communicate, be persuasive, and empower
  • Accept some risk (and even failure) as a part of development
  • Encourage and reward

Connect with People:

  • Choose to care; show that you care
  • Invest time in relationship building
  • Listen actively and build self esteem; be fully present
  • Care enough about people to learn names/establish rapport
  • Take in information, ask questions and work to understand
  • Get to know others’ situations, motivations and emotions
  • Provide assignments that challenge and grow a person’s skills
  • Acknowledge and reward strengths and development efforts
Knowing Yourself & Others
Empowering Effective Teams
Be Self-Aware and Grounded:
Be able to assemble and work with ideal and challenging teams:
  • Identify your mission and guiding principles
  • Reflect on your values, performance, talents, strengths and blind spots
  • Recognize where you need to grow and develop
  • Recognize your own emotions and their effects
  • Have the courage to stand for something and the integrity to carry it through
  • Assemble ideal team combinations
  • Recognize challenging team combinations
  • Work in any team combination
  • Conflict resolution
  • Rich conversations
Proactively Setting Direction & Leading the Way
Working the Plan
Chart A Course That Will Lead To Success: Adapting, Feedback, and Coaching:
  • Based on competence, judgment and past experiences
  • Motivated by a sincere desire to help others (even ahead of personal gain) and a passion to succeed
  • Using intuition – gathering information and reading people and situations
  • Using one’s senses to be fully present, alert and aware
  • Seeing more than others, seeing farther and seeing before others see
  • Being Innovative
  • Valuing input and being adaptive
  • Underpinned by a strong faith in the abilities of those who will carry it out
  • Providing the ideology and the structure to succeed
  • Willing to lead the way, set the example, take the risk, be the role model (with self-discipline and integrity) and bring others along
  • Tools and technology as enablers (team charters, project schedules)
  • Preparing for and working with the stages of teams
  • Embracing change
  • Mitigating risks
  • Measuring progress and adapting as needed
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Communication