Our company values represent our commitment to providing service beyond our client’s expectations. We understand the meaning of true professionalism and client value, and we focus on those. We understand that even the largest organizations must carefully consider every expense, including expenses for training and professional services. We are committed to the following values:

Our People
A team of really talented, lifelong students of leadership who are responsible, respectful, honest, ethical, dedicated, caring, and have a passion to develop others and succeed.

Exceptional Client Value
A tailored leadership- and adventure-development focus to optimize learning, team dynamics, practical application, and retention for our clients and provide them the exact solution for their needs. We approach each client engagement with a focus on Upon-Return-Impact (URI) and client Return-On-Investment (ROI).

Highest Quality Training & Services
We strive to provide only the highest quality training and services. We constantly challenge our people to bring the best of leadership and adventure to our clients. We use the latest tools and techniques for leadership and experiential learning, and invest heavily in research and development in order to architect seamless leadership adventures.

Practice What We Preach
We practice leadership principles and are students of leadership. We strive to provide a visible showcase for our clients that what we offer works. We believe that everyone is a leader in their circle of influence and that everyone can become a better leader through learning and practicing new leadership skills.

Great place to work
We strive to provide a great working environment so that we can attract and retain the top talent and serve our clients with excellence.