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As an organization focused on developing leaders, preparing tomorrow’s leaders is one of our greatest privileges.
colleges1College and University students benefit from our Leadership Adventures by building leadership skills at a faster pace and retaining those skills through their academic life and beyond. By attending our workshops, students learn and apply new skills to overcome challenges. Through practice and experiences in the workshop students retain the skills and are able to apply them to challenges back at their college or university.Students who have participated in accelerated experiential leadership training have provided that they are more prepared to be leaders in their academic courses, projects, and their future professional fields. Many have advanced from college or university to excel in the professional world, attributing their foundational leadership skills to this type of training.We can work with you to select or develop the appropriate Leadership Adventures for your college or university. If you would like more information about a Leadership Adventure for your college or university, please click Request Information and one of our team members will contact you.

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